Superior protection!
STRETCH™ Premium Disposable Nitrile Gloves are made from a synthetic Nitrile rubber compound which offers protection and resistance to a wide range of products including most chemicals found in the workplace today.

100% Latex Free!
Unlike traditional latex gloves, STRETCH™ Nitrile Gloves are suitable for users that have sensitivity to natural rubbers as they are 100% latex free. STRETCH™ disposable Nitrile gloves are also ideal for users that suffer from common skin irritations that are caused from many of the harsh solvents and chemicals that are present in today’s modern workshops.

100% Powder Free!
STRETCH™ Nitrile gloves offer further protection for users as they are also 100% powder free. Often users have skin irritations and allergies that are not caused by Latex but are caused by the powders that are used in many of the gloves being manufactured today.
Powder free means they are safer and suitable for more users.

STRETCH™ Gloves use a new PU chemical treatment technology that provides an easy fit without using harmful powders.

Better Grip!
STRETCH™ Gloves feature textured fingers which provide the user with a secure grip on dirty parts and tools. STRETCH™ Gloves also give great grip in wet conditions!

STRETCH™ Gloves are stronger than most other disposable gloves available. STRETCH™ Gloves are rated to a strength of 21psi where the industry standard is around 14psi. STRETCH™ Gloves have managed to achieve this additional strength without sacrificing user comfort and feel. Due to this increase in strength STRETCH™ Gloves will resist punctures and chemicals longer than other gloves available.

All STRETCH™ Gloves are manufactured to meet or exceed ISO 9001 & ISO 13488 standards.

Better Fit!
STRETCH™ Nitrile gloves are manufactured with an extended beaded cuff and incorporate an Easy-Fit design. STRETCH™ Gloves are 40mm longer than the average disposable glove. This takes the length of our gloves to an impressive 280mm, this extension in length offers protection for your wrists, not just your hands.


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