• Every Workshop should have one!
• Cleans Off Gaskets in Seconds
• Strips Off Paint with Ease!
• Create Ground metal effects for Custom Painting!
• 1/2 Turn On-Off Disc System (Suits other brands of discs)
• Built-In Adjustable Air Regulator
• Anti-Chill & Anti - Vibration Rubber Grip
• Replacement Pads and Abrasives Available
• Free Speed 14,000rpm


Sander Kit Contents:
1x 110° Angle Pneumatic Sanding Tool
1x ø45mm Rubber Pad
1x ø75mm Rubber Pad
2x ø50mm Blue Fine Surfacing Pad
2x ø50mm Red Medium Surfacing Pad
1x ø50mm Yellow Coarse Surfacing Pad
2x ø75mm Blue Fine Surfacing Pad
2x ø75mm Red Medium Surfacing Pad
1x ø75mm Yellow Coarse Surfacing Pad
1x ø45mm Metal Grinding / Stripping Pad
1x ø75mm Metal Grinding / Stripping Pad
1x Bottle Pneumatic Tool Oil
1x 11mm Spanner
1x Blow Moulded Case
1x Air Nipple

Using the 50mm or 75mm surfacing discs, gaskets can be cleaned off to a perfectly cleaned surface in seconds with ease.

No need to mess around with time consuming scraper blades and emery cloth! The tough 50mm or 75mm Metal Grinding / Stripping Pads allow you can strip off tough paint effortlessly in seconds!

No time wasted with time consuming paint stripper or sand papers! Create cool ground metal effects for custom painting!

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